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Getting Started

Vegetable seedlings
Photo by Markus Spiske

Hello again! I’m Jeremy a Data Technician and Web Developer. My garden is just a small hobby that I use to get out and enjoy the beautiful planet we live on. This blog is mainly my online gardening journal, I plan to use it to help keep track of the things I learn as I level up my gardening skills. Maybe you’ll learn something along the way too!

I spend so much of my time in front of a screen at work that I cherish the time I have available to get outside and do something non technology related. Last year was my very first attempt at growing a vegetable, I started by planting a few broccoli seeds and was hooked. I ended up growing 3 broccoli plants last summer, barely enough for a couple of meals… but it sure was rewarding nurturing those little plants into something that could feed our family. Later in the summer I received 3 small tomato starts and was able to keep two alive! One produced some amazing tomatoes that filled our salads for months. 

Small Tomatoes sitting on a terra cotta planter
My first produce from the tomato starts last year, these tasted amazing!

After my small success last summer, I thought I would really like to give a well thought out and planned vegetable garden a try. With the help of my wife we came up with a list of veggies we wanted to try and produce. Our aim, enjoy the fruits of our hard work, cut down on grocery expenses, and enjoy working out in the sunshine.  

So join me as I start my new garden, my next post will include how I took the list of veggies I wanted to grow and made a plan to make it happen!

Thanks for reading my first post, I hope you stick around to read more. If you would like to connect with me, leave a comment below or fill out the form on my homepage! 

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