Follow my Gardening Journey

Hi, I’m Jeremy, I live in the Pacific Northwest. Follow along as I begin my gardening journey. My garden is a new hobby for me, a way to relieve stress, enjoy the outdoors, and provide nutritious food for my family. 

Looking through a Tomato plant, sun setting in the distance.
Photo by Chad Stembridge
Darcie and Jeremy at the Deschutes River

About Me

My name is Jeremy and I live in a small town on Northern California Coast just a couple miles from the Oregon border. My wife and I have lived in the area for almost 9 years. For the past 2 years we have renovated and lived in a 1993 29 foot Fifth Wheel. I work as a Data Technician for a local Tribal Government and my wife and I run a small web design agency.  Since I spend so much time in doors for work staring a computer screen, I have a few hobbies that take me outside and let me enjoy the beautiful area we live in. I especially enjoy photography it has been a hobby for me for a few years now, I’m not great at it but I enjoy learning what creates a beautiful photo and then going out and trying to create one myself. I regularly ride my bike, just short distances, mainly to and from work. And now for the second year in a row I’m attempting a small vegetable garden. I anticipate this blog to be my digital journal of sorts, to document my journey as I level up my gardening skills and to share some of the things I learn as I tackle this new hobby. Follow along on my gardening journey!

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